Six Park Customer Insight Report

Design, Strategy

Six Park is a robo-advisor that provides low-cost trustworthy, expert investment management. Their world-class Investment Advisory Committee provides a unique human overlay to their sophisticated automated investment technology.

Following on from our previous work with Six Park, we were asked us to develop their brand strategy. As part of our insight-driven approach to this task we conducted a customer survey to better understand their customers motivations, experiences and journey to Six Park.

Six Park customer insight survey

On completion of the customer survey we developed an insight report containing aggregated data and key actions. This report was shared with Six Park’s customers, building on the high-level of trust and integrity Six Park holds with its customer base.

Following on from the success of this report and Six Park’s commitment to continually improve, future customer insight surveys are already being planned.

Six Park customer insight report

Six Park customer insight report

Six Park customer insight report

Six Park NPS

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