Lilyroo Fund Brand Development

Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, Web Design

This is where it all started for Six Foot Seven. Although back in 2014, it was a hobby done in our spare time.

Inspired by Oriental Lily flowers we created a brand identity, logo and website for the Lilyroo Fund, a charitable fund established by Kristie and Peter Lockyer to celebrate the short but perfect life of their daughter Lily.

Capturing the story of the fund was important to Kristie and Pete, so we included Lily in the logo, nestling her delicately in the flower’s petals – the complete logo mark symbolising the support provided by the fund to premature babies.

The Lilyroo Fund raises money for the Royal Women’s Hospital NICU in Melbourne. Learn more about it at

Lilyroo Fund logo designed by Six Foot Seven

Lilyroo Fund launch night poster

Lilyroo Fund launch night

Lilyroo Ride peloton outside WCH Adelaide

Lilyroo Ride peloton

Lilyroo Ride peloton and cars

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