Count Me In – Health and safety initiative

Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, Web Design

When Better Life Group were awarded funding by VicHealth to change the culture of risky drinking, they asked us to co-create a Brand and Identity for Count Me In.

Count Me In is part of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative and supports positive change in the drinking habits of middle-aged men within the Victorian construction industry. It seeks to challenge social pressures associated with drinking with workmates chiefly the need to drink with co-workers to fit in; drinking in shouts; drinking as a reward for hard work; and, using alcohol to cope with stress.

In order for Count Me In to gain traction and challenge established drinking cultures we created a brand and identity familiar to those working in the construction industry.

Count Me In yellow logo stacked designed by Six Foot Seven
Count Me In black logo stacked designed by Six Foot Seven

Count me in yellow logo with construction background designed by Six Foot Seven

We then set about co-designing Count Me In’s primary initiative ‘The RDO Challenge’ – a month long campaign encouraging building and construction workers to take as many RDO’s (Rostered Drink Off) as possible.

The inaugural RDO Challenge was piloted in partnership with Reece Group, so we produced a suite of promotional posters for display in Reece branches to create awareness of the campaign and encourage participation.

Count Me In RDO Challenge Poster 2 designed by Six Foot Seven

Count Me In RDO Challenge Poster 3 designed by Six Foot Seven

A simple RDO Drinking Quiz for people to find out their current drinking level and risk prefaced the sign up form creating an engaging and insightful user experience.

Count Me In RDO Drinking Quiz on iPhone

We also created a toolkit for participants to pledge their RDOs and track their progress during the challenge.

Count Me In RDO Challenge Calendar designed by Six Foot Seven

Eighty percent (80%) of participants in The RDO Challenge reported having a conversation about alcohol and 53% said they saved more than $50 by reducing their alcohol consumption.

Count Me In RDO Challenge 2018 Infographic designed by Six Foot Seven

The second RDO Challenge took place in October 2019 with even more participants committing to take alcohol free days, reduce their drinking levels and change the alcohol culture in the construction industry.

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