MaxAd Brand, Identity and Website

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For medium-sized businesses, who have the budget to engage with agencies and advertise across mainstream and digital media there are very few boutique agencies, aside from the large global multinational media giants, expertly and effectively tying all advertising channels together. MaxAd is a fledgling advertising agency looking to fill that void, and establish itself in

Stadium Stomp website

Stadium Stomp is a unique and fun fitness stair climbing challenge set within massive sporting stadiums. Established in 2013 as a single event, Stadium Stomp has grown into a multi-event series across Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic stadiums, with more than 10,000 people taking part each year. Key to the success of Stadium Stomp

Lilyroo Fund Brand Development

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This is where it all started for Six Foot Seven. Although back in 2014, it was a hobby done in our spare time. Inspired by Oriental Lily flowers we created an identity for the Lilyroo Fund, a charitable fund established by Kristie and Peter Lockyer to celebrate the short but perfect life of their daughter