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We love helping people and businesses stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals. We strive to attain a deep knowledge and understanding of our customer’s business. It’s how we do what we do. So, in the spirit of practicing what we preach, here’s a bit more about the team at Six Foot Seven.

Peter Lockyer - Creative Director at Six Foot SevenLinkedIn icon

Peter Lockyer
Creative Director

Standing out from the crowd comes easy to Pete – he’s two metres tall. He’s good at reaching things that are high up and, as he’s often the tallest person in a crowd, has been used as a meeting point.

Cambridge educated and a software developer by trade he was inspired to follow his creative instincts and lifelong passion for design when developing the identity for the Lilyroo Fund. A career change away from software development followed, which eventually lead him to establish Six Foot Seven.

As Creative Director, and drawing upon his 15 years experience in a number of IT roles, Pete works on a wide range of projects including brand development, strategy and digital.

We also engage with a team of trusted associates, freelancers and suppliers during each project including:

Adrian Panozzo - Strategic Director at Six Foot SevenLinkedIn icon

Adrian Panozzo

Be it in the corporate or sporting world Adrian loves a challenge. One year, he ran 250km across the Sahara Desert at the Marathon des Sables. He loved it so much that he came back the following year and did it all over again.

Away from the sporting arena Adrian is an experienced CEO and corporate adviser, having launched and developed a number of businesses and brands across corporate, government and not for profit environments.

He has worked with a number of Founders to enable them to consolidate and scale their vision and has self-funded and co-founded Australia’s only B Corp certified Telecommunications company.

Adrian is a creative and strategic thinker with a seemingly endless supply of innovative ideas and how to implement them.

Ranj Samrai - Principal Adviser at Six Foot SevenLinkedIn icon

Ranj Samrai

Ranj loves to have a chat. In fact, she’s made a career out of it.

Talking and, more importantly, listening to all stakeholders in her pursuit of informed, intelligent insight is her passion. Ranj is driven by a belief that all opinions matter, and the smallest voices often inform the greatest thinking.

She has extensive experience managing stakeholder consultation programs for some of the world’s largest corporate firms and non-profit organisations in Australia and internationally. Her contribution to Government policy frameworks extends across a number of key portfolios including agriculture, infrastructure, social services, foreign affairs and trade.

Away from work, she’s a passionate Hawthorn supporter. At work, quite simply, she’s ‘a gun’.

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